What if everybody could save one life?

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What is GeoBlood?

Geoblood is a mobile application, that enables everybody to register their blood group with respect to their geo-location. This helps the people in need of blood, to search for blood donors closest to them or the location of the person in need. Geoblood connects the person in need of blood with their required donor using mobile technology.

  • Not only I, but you can save a life too.
  • It's one of the noblest cause.
  • It was never that easy.

Founder and Developer

My name is Muhammad Bilal, and I think of myself as a common man trying to make a big difference in really small ways. Everyone has a story, but mine is really simple, nothing extravagant or out of world happened to me that lead me to start this, it was just a hunch, like a fix it thought.

We are surrounded by systems, that in a manner control us, make us follow a workflow, but somewhere in these systems are flaws. These flaws, i`d put, make humanity stall themselves when you think about progressing in life. I just like to observer, find and the try to embed alternate solutions to such sort of flaws. Its always another try to solve the puzzle is a faster, easier and effective way.

Geoblood is one of those problem solving solutions, that might or might not work, but in the end I always put that everything you imagine is worth giving a try.

Yes, you can contact me directly

Mobile WhatsApp +92 321 490 5352
Phone +92 321 470 7704
Email info@geoblood.com


An overview of the screen grabs of the application at work

I think it's Awesome

Its a Noble Cause

I can make a Difference

You can make a difference too